About Telsa Move Into Insurance Business

English   •   02 septembre 2019

Ten days ago, a report was published claiming that owner of high-end electric cars were causing more accidents: Early Claims and Crash Tests Suggest Risks of Luxury, SUV Electric Vehicles.

It seems Tesla anticipated the issue, as a couple of days ago Tesla launched its own insurance: Tesla launches car insurance offering in California.

Note that they mention that they can get attractive price, as they can generate a driving profile of the owner, getting some metrics from the car itself.

I guess we are going to see more insurance-related trackers in cars in the future, as part of a move to compete on insurance price.

I also expect this move to be a way for Elon Musk to send a message to insurance companies. He wants to put pressure on insurance companies, that are reluctant to offer attractive pricing to owners of high-end electric cars providing quick acceleration and self-driving features.