On businesses we can trust

English   •   15 septembre 2019

Here is an interesting remark from @benedictevans in Apple, Services and Moats:

Apple extending from being a trusted party in your computing experience to being a trusted party in your online experience.

Indeed, the online world is more and more abused, from tracking to malware. More generally today, many companies are simply opaque about what they really offer and how they do business. Your activity online or in App Store through in-app purchase is too often abused by deceptive business models. That's why Apple also should double down on tracking App Store abuses.

But, all in all, I like that focus on trust. We need more companies we can trust these days. The reign of the free services created incentive for abuses. The trend must be reversed in tech as in every other area. There use to be a split between open source versus proprietary software. It is more general than that, now. It is about ethics, transparency in every aspects of your online experience. We need to accelerate the trend toward “organic”, traceable and transparent mix of software and online experiences.

I know there is a few companies building patiently ethical offering, but we need more of them. And we need to support them if we want to that movement to amplify.