Quick thoughts on Dropbox Paper

Quick thoughts on Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper could really be a killer tool with a bit more love from Dropbox.

English   •   28 février 2020

The feature I like the most is the ability to share a text with just a link. I use it as a cheap private blog, to share some quick thoughts with friends. Most of the time I post the link as a message in a group chat, to quickly get feedback.

The features I would love to see added:

  • Visit counter to know how many people visited the page.
  • Ability to let users without a Dropbox account to comment on a page.
  • Better iOS app, as currently it is a bit buggy. Sometimes, I have to move to the Web version that is more robust from my iPad.
  • Dark mode on iOS.
  • Integration of Paper and Dropbox into a single document hierarchy. Paper documents should be stored in the main Dropbox, a bit like Google docs. I am not using Google Docs much, as I do not like the page-oriented workflow.

Still, I use that app every day, but I would love to consolidate more of my writing use cases on it.

Update 2022: I now moved to Obsidian for all my notes and Scrivener for all my fiction writing.