Sign in with Apple feature is finally fully compliant with OpenID Connect

English   •   04 octobre 2019

The Sign In with Apple feature has been launched with iOS 13. It allows to sign-in to web sites supporting Open ID Connect, but also to create account and sign in to iOS applications. It was well received when announced at Apple WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June 2019 because the feature is design to protect user privacy. It even offers an option to avoid sharing your real email address with the compliant service, by letting Apple use a random email address and relay the messages to your real email address.

However, the feature was also criticized because it was mostly based on OpenID Connect but with a few differences and variations, making it noncompliant with OpenID.

Apple worked with the OpenID Foundation to solve the compliance issue and finally, the OpenID Foundation wrote an open letter to Apple stating they are happy they made all the changes to be compliant with OpenID specifications.

This is good news for the Open Web.

Spotted via HackerNews